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So Good Or No Good: Who Wants Some SPAM?
Welcome to this week's edition of the Funny Community weekly game - "SO GOOD OR NO GOOD"! Every Monday, I post to ask your opinion on various things that a lot of people either strongly love or strongly hate, and then share the full community results!
Last week I asked you how you felt about cole slaw! Out of the 21 users who responded, 15 of you said you like to eat cole slaw in one way or another, while 6 said they couldn't even stand the stuff!
That means COLE SLAW WINS!!!!!!! (Woohoo! Good cole slaw is my favorite. Let's go nag @marshalledgar for his recipe.)

This week, I want to know - Spam: So Good or No Good?

Choose wisely.

Leave your answers below.


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I love spam!!!! I can eat it cold if I must, but I prefer to slice it up and pan cook it until it's nice and brown! Throw on a couple sides like green beans and potatoes and you've got yourself a treat! :D
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Love it!
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not so good馃樂馃樂馃樂馃樂
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Aye this like twice a day in Korea!
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