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The EPL has been full of surprises so far this season. It looks like my Chelsea isn't going to win it this year and we would be lucky to even earn a spot in the Champions League next season. Manchester City seemed like the favorite to win it, but then got crushed by Tottenham 4-1 last week. this happened.

Goal: Alexis Sanchez (6')

Assist: Mesut Ozil

Goal: Mesut Ozil (7')

Assist: Theo Walcott

Goal: Alexis Sanchez (20')

Assist: Theo Walcott

Louis van Gaal was certainly not happy and said,

"I didn't expect that. I was surprised - not performing our game plan, not the will to win. I didn't see that. We were top of the league so I was surprised - amazed, maybe that is a better word. When you give a team like Arsenal so much space to play football, then you know that you shall lose. And we have prepared ourselves also in that way, to play more contact but don't lose your aggression. It was amazing for me and I am very disappointed."
Well, we've seen eight EPL games so far and Man City's in first, Arsenal in second, and Man Utd. in third.

At this point in the season, who do you think is going to be the EPL champion this season?

I'm also interested in hearing y'alls opinion on this one!

what a great match it was. I was watching with friends and we were stunned after 20 minutes. city look like the team to beat. Arsenal can play the best football but it's hard to rely on them.being consistent.
Interesting weekend all up with Rodgers fired and Sunderland losing Advocaat as well. Not mentioning your team or mine @mchlyang
@InPlainSight Yeah...can't believe they already fired Rodgers! Do you think they'll try to get Klopp?
Great job you've done with this card. I believe it's pretty hard to point at a team and say it would be its season so far, but i share you that Man City appeared to be the champion at the beginning. It still quiet early to bet on any team. Actually, the same thing is in LFP! That what keeps it interesting.
@InPlainSight They're in 10th place right realistically, Klopp's goal should be to take them to the Top 4 so they can compete in the Champions League next season
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