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@Arellano1052 has wanted me to make this post, and I am a jerk who hasn't done it yet, so I've decided now that I've got some time to kill that IT IS TIME for this playlist challenge.
Fortunately, I love blasting music in my car. The only thing I cared about when picking out my first car in high school was whether or not it could play music. I spent a lot of my youngin years staying up late, driving around with my speakers set to max volume, traveling up and down the Pacific Coast Highway and taking in the view.

So here is my list. I'm sorry if it sucks.

Amr Diab

Habibi Ya Nour El Ain

Every Middle Eastern kid knows this song. It's played at your family reunion. It's played at your cousin's birthday. It's played at the local ethnic market. It's played at the only authentic Lebanese restaurant in your town. It's like the Arabic equivalent of 90s Michael Jackson.
This is the first song I ever played in my high school car. Insert loud noises here.

Marina & The Diamonds

Oh No!

Marina Diamandis (aka Marina & The Diamonds) is basically my favorite female in music right now because she's everything I'd want to be if I were a pop singer. I love all of her albums, but her very first one, Family Jewels (the album this song is on), is the one that never leaves my car.


One Of A Kind

@InPlainSight has spent the past good month or two privately torn over whether or not to ask me who my bias is. The answer is G-Dragon, of course. If only because I love how weird and colorful his music videos are. His style always reminds me of Rufio from the movie Hook.

Mino & Zico

Okie Dokey

You guys, I hate myself for loving this song as much as I do, but I feel like I listen to it every single morning. It's from a popular Korean rap battle show called 'Show Me The Money', and I have it stuck in my head 99% of the time. IS THAT TRUUUUE? YES!! OKIE DOKEY-YO.
Sup, @PassTheSuga. I know you feel me on this. @BluBear07 probably knows wassup too.

Kisum & Jooyoung

You & Me

Kisum is a South Korean female rapper that I'm currently obsessed with. Kind of like how Marina would be me if I were a famous pop star, I feel like Kisum is my Korean spirit animal. I love how she can balance cute and aggressive. Like me. (Say I'm cute or I'll hunt you down, okay?)

So what do YOU guys listen to? Tag me if you end up making your own playlist!

@PassTheSuga Although I'm afraid because every time someone puts a card in that community, I'd open Vingle and immediately close it like OH LAWD. I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS TODAY.
@danidee There are sooooooooo many communities that need to exist but don't (>_<。) That boy for one needs to be celebrated.
@danidee YOU'RE CHEATING ON THE PANDA.....IM TELLINGGGG lol And you know...that I know wassup. Jooyoung.....that boy.....I'll take him To-Go too. Hold the cheese.
@aabxo SEUNGRI IS MY KPOP IDOL BIAS. But GD is like.. my musical bias.. if that.. makes sense.... >.>
I love that song "Don't be Shy" that Primary did with Choa, though the mv is totally weird
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