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When you grow up in the Suburban New York, one of the first things you learn is that it's super fucking cool to drive fast for no goddamn reason. That being said, I already drive fast as hell when I'm behind the wheel. The following songs are songs that I've listened to over the past year when I'm late for work/anything because I know they will make me drive even faster.
Thanks to @nicolejb for tagging me in @Arellano1052's challenge.

RVIVR -- Seethin'

The last time this song came on while I was driving I'm pretty sure I hit a three digit number in my shitty Honda Accord down the Interstate. Other things that were happening include screaming the lyrics (below) and punching the fuck out of the ceiling of the car because I was so pumped I felt like I was going to explode.

Notable Lyrics:

I don’t want to fight (But I’ll fucking fight!). You wont get what’s in my with the edge of a knife! We’re killing each other (with) tiny murders! There’s plenty of light in my eyes. But the brightest stars still die.

Junior Astronomers -- Touching War

I was so fucking hype when this album came out and when I heard this song and that, like, 20 second dance-y part in the middle I nearly threw up. There's something about the way this dude screams his lyrics that is so raw and honest. So I, of course, have to do the same thing while I'm driving. Then I tend to forget I'm driving and have a speed limit or whatever the fuck else people worry about when they're on the road.

Notable Lyrics:

I couldn't answer when it felt your love wasn't faceless just naked and wanting a friend. A home I lost before you lived before I drank like my father did. And this is how I try to find it? I couldn't tell until she climbed on top of me. I would have left until she screamed out loud. Take me take me where you go. Take me take as long as no one knows.

Tiny Moving Parts -- Vacation Bible School

There's something about dudes yelling about how sad they are that makes me really want to go one thousand miles per hour in one direction only to hit a fucking brick wall at the end. Well, maybe that metaphor doesn't work. But it just makes me want to go. Like I got nowhere else to be but forward. I like that and Tiny Moving Parts does that for me.

Notable Lyrics:

This passion is tough to compare with the courage of a polar bear and my body is nothing less then a fortress of lions. Looks like the ventriloquist lacks his oxygen. I hate to say this but it makes me happy that it makes you sad.

Hop Along -- Tibetan Pop Stars

When I first heard this song a couple years ago, I was searching through stuff on the Internet at, like, 3 in the morning. I ended up falling into a weird music pit and Hop Along pulled me out in one go. The song grabbed my wrist and almost yanked my arm out of its socket. I remember being so excited about finding a new band I was into, I promptly saw them a month later when they played near by. This song kills and the band kills and driving with this song playing makes me go NUTS.

Notable Lyrics:

A stranger in India. Doing OK so far. I'm just waiting on the feathers and tar
You are the only one. You are...
Nobody deserves you the way that I do
Nobody deserves you the way that I do
Nobody deserves you the way that I do
Nobody deserves you the way that I do
Come home my stranger in India. Because waiting on you is too hard. The reason I haven't written back is because I'm still doing all that bad shit I was.

The Hotelier -- Dendron

This band. This album. This song. Dendron is the last song on the record and it's such a good ending song. It hits all the right emotional beats. Every time I listen to it, I get super excited. It reminds me of my best friend and how we went to see the band play last June. When they played this song, it felt like there was no one else in the room (when in reality there were a bunch of sweaty punks bumping into us) and I grabbed him by the back of the neck and sang the end right into his face while he sang into mine. It was really the only moment I felt and knew what love was. Me and my best friend. Yelling at each other.

Notable Lyrics:

Part of your charm was the way you would push me from all of the traps that I just couldn't see. Figures the one that was there to have tripped you up would be the one that was set there by me.
Wish I was there to say good bye when you went away. Wish I was home but no place was there. I cut off my arm at the bone in solidarity. Capital teaches that there is less when you share.
And I felt the noose tighten up on your collar bone. And I felt the gun in the small of your back. Engraved in the stone by request/in recurse of friends dead is:

"Tell me again that it's all in my head."

Yes! I would love that :) and tag me please! @paulisaghost
@nicolejb RVIVR is so good. you must have liked Hop Along as well! maybe the next music card I do will solely have female fronted bands?...
Loved listening too RVIVR - Seethin’... I’m a fan of lady bands. And I’m also with @Arellano1052, I really like the notable lyrics. I might try that in my next challenge...
@Arellano1052 thanks so much! i usually remember songs because of their lyrics more than anything else
I like how you put the notable lyrics! I noticed that you did that in a previous post as well! Good list!