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@shannonl5 had a really good card, it was Superman vs Thor. I picked Thor to beat him but then I had to sit back and think hard about it. Superman is an alien with cosmic powers and Thor has strength and of course his trusty hammer but would he really be able to go toe to toe with Superman? Thor might get a couple of hits in but Superman can flick him into space at any given time. So I am posting this question to you guys...
Superman VS Gladiator?! Gladiator might not have the heat ray like Superman but he can damn sure cause a super nova and I think the only "thing" to slow him down was the Phoenix entity. And Superman was killed by Doomsday. Urgh, I have a headache on top of the cold I already have Lol. I'm trying to piece this together. @vinmccarty @buddyesd @butterflyblu and anyone who would like to comment! What do you think?
@LAVONYORK Solomon is so strong he makes galactus (a celestial who eats planets) almost shit his pants
@LAVONYORK Solomon is the son of Reed Richards aka Mr fantastic and the invisible woman
Beyonder would be awesome @beannachtoraibh he does have unlimited strength among other things. I think he could take down Superman easy!
@LAVONYORK @shannonl5 lol I'm a DC fan but marvel has way too many power houses
@LAVONYORK lol let's survive this war first XD
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