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Calling all Otakus and Brotakus!!

(and everybody in the anime community even if they don't consider themselves either of those.)

I wanna know where people stand on this major issue! Here we have two titans of Shonen manga/anime.

Naruto and Natsu!

I want everyone to weigh in their opinions. Who would win in an epic battle between these two iconic figures of the anime world?

On one side, you have Naruto in Nine Tailed Fox Chakra Mode!

Naruto is amazingly fast in this mode and capable of producing massive Rasengans and Wind Rasengans as well as the Bijuu Bomb.
He has accelerated healing and a virtually infinite supply of chakra.
Not to mention his ability to make shadow clones!

On the other side, Natsu's Lightning Flame Dragon Mode!

In this mode he has the power of the thunder dragon he absorbed from Laxus, as well as his incredible flame powers!
He has incredible stamina, able to take sever beatings and still managing to recover and fight back.
He has a vast array of techniques, from the Flame Dragon's Roar to the Lightning Flame Dragon's Force!
So Vingle Anime family

Who do you pick? Comment your answer!

It would end in a draw...both characters would want ramen.
Team Natsu 💕🔥🔥
Natsu is also END, the strongest of Zerefs demons. he would definitely win, especially with his nakama cheering him on.
Well naruto has a feat of cutting the moon in half, something natsu can't compete with. also narutos bijuu mode smashes large boulders incredibly easy without him having to even exert himself. he had to actually learn to control that strength so he wouldn't crush everything. also I don't think natsu can match the destruction of the bijuu bomb either.
well, I'm a big ass fan of fairytail but I know Naruto will win against Natsu😅😄 But hey, u never know, maybey Natsu can pull it off against him since he's so stubborn as always hhahaaahahaha😂😂
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