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Here are your Top 5 Plays of the Day!

5. Starlin Castro (Chicago Cubs)

It was a fair ball down the first baseline. But after Anthony Rizzo fumbled the ball, it looked like it was going to be a base hit. But Castro beautifully went to cover for Rizzo and tossed the ball the Dan Haren to get the out! The Cubs beat the Brewers 3-1 in their final regular season game.

4. Nick Noonan (San Francisco Giants)

This one was skied shallow to center field. We saw something similar the night before so when Nick Noonan went for it, we knew magic was going to happen once again. He followed the ball nicely to make the catch! The Giants however fell to the Rockies 7-3 in their final game of the season.

3. Jose Ramirez (Cleveland Indians)

It was hit deep second base, but Jose Ramirez followed the ball perfectly and spun around to make a perfect throw to first. He not only got the out, he also made it to the Top 5 Plays of the Day! The Indians beat the Red Sox 3-1.

2. Kris Bryant (Chicago Cubs)

The superstar rookie is still on fire as he preps for his first ever Major League post season. Bryant made that smooth backhand catch and made a jump toss all the way to first to get the out! What was even more incredible was the fact that it was a no hopper. He also got a standing ovation from the fans. Again, the Cubs beat the Brewers 3-1.

1. Nolan Reimold (Baltimore Orioles)

The ball was hit high into left-center field. The wind was carrying the ball further and further away from Reimold, but he wasn't going to give up. Just as the ball was about to hit the ground, Reimold dived and caught the ball! What a play by Reimold! The Orioles beat the Yankees 9-2 for their final game of the season.
Now that was your Top 5 Plays of the Day from last night's games!

What was your favorite play of the day?

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wow, great arm strength from Bryant. he's a real Player.
@Starbell808 Haha you love Kris Bryant, don't you? Well, they're playing their first postseason game in two days!
@jeff4122 He's def an all-around player. He's going to be the face of the league along with Trout and Harper
@mchlyang can u tell
@Starbell808 Haha yes of course...are you going to watch the Cubs game on Wednesday then? Your man Kris Bryant will be starting in the game!