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Who else is watching this K-Drama?

I'm liking this drama a lot so far!! Not just because it's very funny, they have the exact same phone as me, and Monsta X Kihyun is in the OST. But also because it has a great story line. In the 6 episodes that I've seen on Viki so far this has been my favorite funny part because I can relate to it.
If you haven't seen it and you like Romance Comedy I would totally recommend it you watch it! Especially so I can have someone to talk about it ㅋㅋㅋ
What are you waiting for?? Lol
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Haha yes, I'm just about to watch ep 8. :) I'm so excited lol@jessicalnichols
I love it!!! He is so silly and crazy and cute like crazy!!!! ;) total second lead sindrome... He is such a sweety!!!
@AnnahiZaragoza know I just have to watch it. I have it on my wishlist so I can see it later but I'm going to have to start right now. Thanks :D
You won't be disappointed @SophiaRamos :)