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Awesome One Piece AMV
I was looking up AMVs on youtube and I found this really awesome One Piece AMV set to Fall Out Boy's "Centuries"
I think it was a great pick of a song because of the building atmosphere, and how Luffy aims to become Pirate King, a title that would make sure that he gets remembered for centuries to come.
The fights picked ofr the AMV show Luffy's intense determination to be the best, and also the moments where he went ballistic to protect his Nakama.
I'm not a huge fan of Fall Out Boy but I still like it a lot. What do you guys think? Is it a good pairing?
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Personally, I love Fall Out Boy and One Piece...excellent pairing!
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Love it!
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Perfect song for one piece!
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love this
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Oh wow this gave me goosebumps lol the intense moment when he stopped Nami hit me in the feels
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