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Okay, so to be honest I haven't gotten around to watching Tokyo Ghoul yet.. BUT I WILL I PROMISE SENPAI!!
Anyway, when I was browsing AMVs this week I came across this Tokyo Ghoul AMV. I know that there are a lot of Tokyo Ghoul fans here in the Anime community, so I figured I'd share it with you guys! (I'm sorry if you've already seen it)
So even though I haven't seen the anime, this AMV makes me really want to. The fight scenes here are super cool, and Kaneki (I think that's his name) looks really interesting, especially when he unzips that mask. I'm guessing that's a big deal?
Also, the music it's set to is "We Are" by the Hollywood Undead. I thought it was cool to put those together. You know, because Ghouls... and Undead.... yeah...
Anyway I hope you guys like it XD
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I wish this was the opening for season 2. Loved the first season opening. But the second wasn't as good in my opinion.
this is the best anime in existence
there is no excuse for not watching this anime. it is by far the best one. I use to not watch creepy things, but after Deadman Wonderland and Tokyo Ghoul, I definitely can't stop watching. It's all those flavors mixed together that make such an amazing'll understand that reference when you watch it.
Love it
I watch the first and second season it fucking awesome