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How to choose the right modern art painting for your space
Introduction So you are a modern art enthusiast. You have always loved and appreciated art, and you want to buy a new modern art painting for your space. The only problem is that there are an ocean of options to choose from. What kind of painting will best suit your house? What should be the size? What should be the frame thickness? In this blog, we will talk about how to choose a modern art painting that will be a perfect fit for your space. It will clear up all the doubts and confusions you have. We will also talk about the best place to buy modern art painting online. So let’s find the best wall painting for your living room or bedroom. How to choose a modern art painting that best suits your house or office There are several thousand different modern art paintings, each beautiful in its own right. But most of them may not be for you. There are many ways to find the perfect painting that is to your liking and goes well with your home decor. Here are a few factors you must consider: 1. Consider the room where you want to place the painting The style of the painting will heavily depend on where you want to hang it. Each room in your house has a different purpose, and the painting you buy must be in line with that purpose. For example, a living room is mostly used for family gatherings and house parties, so the painting must be attention-grabbing, like a focal point in your living room. You can buy best wall painting for living room at satguru. On the other hand, the bedroom is a place to relax, so the painting should be subtle and blend with the room. It should not demand attention but create a relaxing atmosphere. It might sound weird or straight up wrong, but the kitchen is one of the best places to hang a modern art painting, as the kitchen is a place of creativity. 2. Consider the size of the painting The size of the painting depends on the place you want to hang it. A small painting would not add any value to your space, and too big painting would overwhelm the wall. The general rule of thumb is that the painting must cover two-thirds of the furniture below it. For example, if your sofa is 7 feet long, the painting must be between 4.5-5 feet. To make sure you buy the perfect painting, measure the dimensions of the wall. 3. Consider the painting style and colour The style and colour of your paintings depend on your personal preference. It also depends on what type of paintings you like. Do you like abstract paintings, or would you prefer minimalist art? The style and colour of your painting also depend on the place you want to hang it. For example, a painting with bold shapes and strokes is ideal in an active room, like a living room or a kitchen. On the other hand, softer shapes are better for relaxing rooms like a meditation room or bedroom. Conclusion It takes thought and planning to select the ideal modern art painting for your room. When choosing a painting, expensive is not always better. However, you can make an informed choice and take pleasure in your chosen artwork for many years to come by taking into account the factors mentioned above and working with a reputable art dealer or curator. Look for a painting that connects with you and suits your space. If you are planning to buy modern art paintings for your living room, you must give Satguru’s a try. They are one of the best home decor stores in Mumbai where you can buy modern art paintings online. Aside from modern art paintings, you can also buy traditional and spiritual paintings, making Satguru’s one of the best places to buy wall art online in India. The decor shop also sells god idols, wall arts, dinnerware, and candle holders, making it one of the best gift shops online. Visit their website to learn more about their decor products.
الحد من الضغط العالي بسهولة: تعرف على 7 أعشاب طبيعية مفيدة للجسم أحد أكثر الحالات الصحية شيوعاً عند الكبار، إذا كنت تعاني من ارتفاع ضغط الدم، فربما تكون تبحث عن حلول طبيعية للمساعدة في السيطرة على هذه المشكلة. تعرف، في هذا المقال، على أسباب ارتفاع ضغط الدم وأعراضه ومضاعفات وكيفية السيطرة عليه باستعمال 7 أعشاب طبية آمنة ومجربة. 1- الضغط العالي: ما هو ارتفاع ضغط الدم؟ يعتبر ارتفاع ضغط الدم من الحالات الصحية الشائعة التي تؤثر على الكثير من الأشخاص في جميع أنحاء العالم. وبشكل عام، يتم تعريف ضغط الدم بأنه القوة التي يستخدمها الدم عندما يتم ضخه من القلب لتحريكه في الشرايين. وعندما يكون هذا الضغط مرتفعا، فإنه يمكن أن يؤدي إلى تلف الأوعية الدموية والأعضاء، مثل الكلى والقلب والدماغ. كيف يتم قياس ضغط الدم؟ ويمكن أن يتم قياس ضغط الدم باستخدام جهاز يسمى سفينة الضغط، حيث يتم قياس الضغط بوحدة ميليمتر من الزئبق (مم زئبق). ويتكون ضغط الدم من رقمين: الرقم الأول يعرف بضغط الدم الانقباضي، والذي يقيس قوة الدم عندما ينبض القلب، والرقم الثاني يعرف بضغط الدم الانبساطي، والذي يقيس قوة الدم عندما يستريح القلب بين نبضاته. ما هو قياس ضغط الدم الطبيعي؟ ويعتبر ضغط الدم الطبيعي للشخص البالغ حوالي 120/80 مم زئبق، وعندما يرتفع هذا الضغط إلى أكثر من 140/90 مم زئبق، فإنه يصبح مشكلة صحية تتطلب المتابعة والعلاج. ومن المهم فهم أن ارتفاع ضغط الدم لا يمكن تشخيصه بشكل دقيق بمجرد قياس الضغط مرة واحدة، ولذلك قد يتطلب المرضى عدة اختبارات وزيارات إلى الطبيب لتحديد ما إذا كانوا يعانون من ارتفاع ضغط الدم أم لا. 2- ما هي الأسباب المحتملة لارتفاع ضغط الدم؟ لقراءة المزيد:
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Freyr Energy - How Solar Power System Can Help You Save Money In Khammam:
The electricity costs are skyrocketing, and that dreaded electricity bill with shocking numbers stares back at us. But fear not, we have the Freyr Solar Power System. It's time to break free from ever-increasing bills and explore a brighter, more cost-effective solution. Solar panel systems are here to rescue you from the grips of traditional energy sources and give you the power to save. Say goodbye to draining your hard-earned money into the pockets of power companies, and say hello to the money-saving benefits of solar energy It's time to shine with the brilliance of solar panel systems, Khammam! Are you ready to illuminate your life, save money, and contribute to a greener world? Let's soak up the sun and embrace the magic of solar power with Freyr Energy How does the Freyr Energy Solar Power System help to reduce your electricity bill? By tapping into the sun's power, you can produce your estimated electricity bills and cut those monthly bills. Let's dive into this blog and discover how a solar panel system can be your ultimate money-saving solution! Understanding Your Electricity Bill: In Telangana, tariffs get categorized into three slabs based on unit consumption. For example, if your usage falls below 100 units, you'll be in Category 1. The cost per unit and associated charges will vary accordingly. For example, you consumed 95 units. In this scenario, your approximate bill will be 225.2, including energy charges, customer charges, and electricity duty charges. Consumption between 100 to 200 units (Category 2) - the cost will be different, and for consumption exceeding 200 units (Category 3), it will be higher. To use this electricity bill calculator, click here. In Telangana - the two main distribution companies are Telangana State Southern Power Distribution Company Limited (TSSPDCL) and Telangana State Northern Power Distribution Company Limited (TSNPDCL). TSSPDCL covers districts such as Hyderabad, Rangareddy, Mahbubnagar, Nalgonda, and Medak, while TSNPDCL serves Karimnagar, Khammam, Warangal, and Nizamabad, among others. Whether you reside in Khammam or any other district, this online tool will assist you in estimating your electricity bill based on your meter readings. In Khammam, you'll find a range of options to suit your budget and energy needs. From affordable entry-level systems to high-performance setups, the solar panel price in Khammam offers a solution for every pocket. By investing in solar panels, you're not only reducing your reliance on traditional electricity but also contributing to a cleaner and greener environment. But wait, there's more! Solar panel prices in Khammam are just the beginning of your solar journey. With government subsidies and net metering programs, you can enjoy even greater savings and a quicker return on your investment. Choosing the Right Solar Power System: Let's decode the world of solar panels and their prices. Consider factors like roof space, energy needs, and cost. Monocrystalline panels offer top-notch efficiency but come with a higher price tag. Polycrystalline panels are eco-friendly and budget-friendly. Thin-film panels are the most cost-efficient but require more space. Let's find your ideal solar panel in Khammam here. Solar Financing: Solar Solutions in Khammam are exclusively available for Freyr Energy customers, which focuses on lowering the upfront cost of a system: Home Solar Financing: Hassle-Free Approvals: Freyr Energy offers quick and easy solar loan options with digital evaluation and sanction within 48 hours. Zero Cost EMI: Enjoy the convenience of zero-cost EMIs for 3-6 months with little to no down payment needed. Monthly Savings: Install a 3kW system and save ₹2,189 per month with an effective payment of just ₹330 per month. Business Solar Financing: Easy Transition to Solar: Freyr Energy provides financing options for businesses, ensuring a smooth transition to solar power. Quick Loans: Collateral-free loans with up to 70% funding for the system, helping reduce operational costs. Tax Benefits: Claim up to 40% accelerated depreciation and enjoy the advantages of financing your solar panel installation Discover the possibilities of affordable solar panel prices in Khammam and embrace the benefits of renewable energy for your home or business today! Monitoring Your Solar Power System: When it comes to harnessing the full potential of your solar power system, monitoring its performance is crucial. By utilizing cutting-edge solar monitoring apps like Sunpro+, you can ensure solar power system operates at their peak efficiency. With a comprehensive range of features, Sunpro+ is an indispensable tool for homeowners and businesses looking to optimize their energy generation. Sunpro+ takes advantage of advanced technology to provide real-time insights into the performance of your solar panels. With a user-friendly interface, this app offers a seamless monitoring experience, allowing you to track the efficiency and productivity of your solar power system. You can access valuable data and gain valuable insights into your system's energy generation with just a few taps on your smartphone. Maintenance and Upkeep: The maintenance and upkeep required to ensure solar panel efficiency in Khammam are: Regular Maintenance: Keeping solar panels dust-free is crucial for optimal performance. Cleaning: Use water to wash away dust, while cold water and a sponge tackle tougher dirt and bird droppings. Defect Checking: Visual inspections help identify cracks, chips, fogged glazing, and other issues that may affect performance. Structure Stability: Inspect mounting frames, bolts, and junction boxes to ensure proper installation and protection from rodents and insects. Inverter/Charge Controller: Minimizing dust accumulation, checking indicators, and verifying wire connections maintain functionality. Wiring and Connections: Regularly checking for damage, corrosion, and insulation integrity helps ensure reliable performance. Making Solar Affordable: We can afford solar power at affordable prices through Freyr Energy Solar Solutions Solar Panel Price in Khammam: Cost Reduction: Freyr Energy provides solar subsidies that significantly reduce upfront expenses. Example: INR 14,588 subsidy is available per kW. Above 3kW & upto 10kW, INR 14,588 per kW upto 3kW and INR 7,294 per kW thereafter. 10kW & above, INR 94,822 fixed amount irrespective of system size. How Does Solar Energy Save Money? If you are still thinking about solar panel price in Khammam and their benefits- let Freyr Energy assure you that the savings go beyond your utility bill. Let's explore how you can maximize your savings and make the most of solar solutions in Khammam Direct Hours of Sunlight: Khammam enjoys ample sunlight, which means your solar panels can generate more energy. With longer hours of direct sunlight, you can harness the power of the sun and save even more on your electricity bills. Energy-Saving Upgrades: Pairing solar panels with energy-saving appliances is a smart move. Consider upgrading to Energy Star-rated appliances that consume less energy, further reducing your electricity usage and costs. LED Lighting: Replace your old incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient LED lights. LED lighting not only consumes less energy but also lasts longer, helping you save on replacement costs. Unplugging Unused Appliances: Small appliances, even when turned off, consume standby power. Get into the habit of opening them when not in use. This simple step can prevent energy waste and lower your overall electricity consumption. Conclusion: Incorporating solar panels into your home in Khammam can provide substantial cost savings, increase property value, and contribute to a sustainable future. Take advantage of available solar panel subsidies and financing options to make the transition even more affordable. Embrace solar solutions and contact Freyr Energy towards cleaner, more efficient energy in Khammam. For more information related to solar please visit the website: FreyrEnergy Solar Power System help you save money in Khammam For more information related to solar please visit the website: FreyrEnergy Solar Power System help you save money in Khammam
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Solar Panel Efficiency: Don't Let Your Panels Sunbathe in the Wrong Direction - FreyrEnergy:
Are your solar panels feeling a bit lost, like a sunflower unsure of which way to face? Well, fear not! We're here to shed some light on the importance of solar panel orientation and how it can make all the difference in the world of solar panel efficiency. If you want to harness the sun's abundant energy, it's not just about the type of solar panel you choose. Meanwhile, the placement and orientation of these panels also play a crucial role. How to ensure you are reaping the maximum benefits from your solar panels? Consider their direction and tilt carefully. By facing them in the right direction and adjusting their angle, you can optimize their exposure to the sun's intense rays for extended periods. While some solar arrays utilize solar tracking systems, which continuously follow the sun's path, our focus will be on fixed or non-tracking systems. In this comprehensive guide, Freyr Energy will walk you through the intricate details of solar panel efficiency, placement, and orientation. Factors Affecting the Solar Panel Efficiency & Orientation: If you are thinking about installing a solar system for home, efficiency is a key factor in determining the size and number of solar panels required. Ideally, solar panels should maintain a capacity of around 25%, even on cloudy days. However, various factors such as low maintenance, shading, roof orientation, or the type of roofing materials used can impact their efficiency. Let's explore the factors that can make all the difference in ensuring solar panel efficiency: Geographic Location: Geographical location plays a pivotal role in a successful solar panel installation. As the Earth orbits the sun on a tilted axis, regions closer to the equator reap higher energy production. Weather conditions like precipitation, pollution, and fog affect efficiency, yet solar panels can generate power even in cloudy conditions. Therefore, it is essential to remember that Indian states are located near the equator, which makes it the ideal location for home solar panel systems. Time of Day: How to maximize the efficiency of your home solar panel systems? You may need to understand that peak sun hours are crucial. Unlike daylight hours, peak sun hours refer to the time frame when solar irradiance hits a power density of 1,000 watts per square meter. Typically occurring between 11 am and 4 pm. These hours coincide with the sun's highest position in the sky, ensuring optimal solar radiation for your panels. Seasonal Changes: When it comes to the solar system for home, understanding the influence of weather conditions is crucial. The angle and intensity of the sun's rays vary throughout the year, necessitating adjustments in panel orientation. While high temperatures are often mistaken for boosting efficiency, they can harm your system. Furthermore, snow can either bury or enhance performance, depending on its impact on panel exposure. Obstructions and Shading: Don't let objects or trees cast shadows on your solar panels, as shading can slash the efficiency of the solar system for home by more than half. This detrimental effect can directly impact your solar system's return on investment. To ensure uninterrupted sunlight, consider trimming branches and removing any obstructions. Trust professional solar installers for expert guidance on ideal panel placement, avoiding shadow blockage. Roof Pitch and Orientation: While solar panels facing directly east or west generate around 20% less electricity than south-facing systems, they still save you money. To cover all your electricity needs, consider installing a few extra panels. In the northern hemisphere, north-facing roofs are the least ideal for solar production. Explore alternatives like ground-mounted solar or carport installations to make the most of the solar system for home. Which direction is best for solar panels in India? Achieving peak performance for your home solar panel system relies on the precise positioning and orientation of your panels. Ideally, the panels should face south to receive the highest amount of sunlight throughout the day. West and east directions are also favorable, while you should avoid north due to minimal sunlight exposure. If your roof doesn't align perfectly, don't fret! Surface-mounted or pole-mounted panels can be excellent alternatives. Moreover, adjusting the tilt angle of the panels can compensate for directional challenges. What is meant by Solar panel angle? For solar power in India, determining the ideal tilt angle for solar panels is very important for maximizing solar panel installation energy generation. The generally accepted principle is to align the panel's tilt angle with the location latitude. By doing so, you can achieve the highest energy output possible. The angle between the horizontal ground and the solar module, known as the solar panel tilt angle, is influenced by the latitude and geographical position of your area. Setting the tilt angle close to the latitude value can optimize energy generation from solar panels. To further enhance the efficiency of your solar power system, consider employing a solar tracker. This advanced technology allows the panels to dynamically follow the sun's path, increasing their conversion efficiency and energy production. Which matters more: solar panel orientation or solar panel angle? Understanding the crucial aspects of panel orientation and angle is key to maximizing energy production. Let's explore the ins & out and find out! Solar Panel Orientation: The direction of solar panels determines their ability to capture sunlight effectively. In the northern hemisphere of India, panels should ideally face south to soak up the maximum amount of sunlight throughout the day. Conversely, in the southern hemisphere, panels should be oriented north for optimal sun exposure. Solar Panel Angle: The angle or tilt of solar panels plays a vital role in maximizing energy generation. This angle varies based on several factors, including the latitude of your location and the time of year. By adjusting the tilt angle, you can optimize the panels' efficiency and enhance energy output. So, which matters more? Both solar panel orientation and angle play significant roles in maximizing solar power generation. While panel orientation ensures that panels face the sun for extended periods, panel angle determines the intensity of sunlight captured. It's a delicate balance between the two. Freyr Energy: Your One-Stop Solar Solutions in India: Collaborating with a solar panel installer like Freyr Energy brings numerous advantages, like site surveys, location, roof orientation, shading, and more. Let's explore why choosing the best installer is crucial for a successful solar panel installation Expert Structural Understanding: Freyr Energy's expertise ensures precise positioning and optimal height of legs in the mounting structure tailored to your solar panel requirements. Customization for Efficiency: With deep knowledge of solar panel specifications, Freyr Energy customizes the height, weight, and length of the mounting structure for maximum performance. Hassle-Free Installation: When purchasing a mounting structure from Freyr Energy, enjoy the convenience of professional installation services. Their representatives ensure safe and secure installation, conducting thorough testing before completion. Expert Consultation: Freyr Energy's representatives provide valuable guidance on installation area selection, considering factors such as latitudinal and longitudinal positions and shading. They ensure you extract maximum benefits from your solar panels By entrusting the mounting process to the experts, you can embark on your solar energy journey with confidence, knowing that every aspect is taken care of for optimal performance. Conclusion: Cracking the code of solar panel efficiency requires nailing the ideal direction and angle. We want those photovoltaic (PV) cells to flex their energy-producing muscles to the max when the sun is shining. But fear not, fellow solar enthusiasts! There's a secret weapon in our arsenal: Freyr Energy. Our experts will have your panels shadow-chasing like the solar system ensuring you extract every last drop of solar goodness. So, go forth, tilt, rotate, and embrace the sun with a smile on your face and an eco-friendly swagger in your step!
8 gesundheitliche Vorteile von Walnüssen
Erfahren Sie, wie diese Nuss Ihrem Körper helfen kann und wie Sie Ihren Mahlzeiten und Snacks mehr hinzufügen können. Sie können Nüsse als Dessertzutat in Keksen, Muffins, Brownies und Baklava in Betracht ziehen. Aber auch zum Knabbern oder als Topping auf Salaten, gekochtem Gemüse, Vollkornprodukten und Hummus eignen sich Nüsse hervorragend. Neben ihrer Knusprigkeit liefern Nüsse wichtige Nährstoffe und bieten wissenschaftlich fundierte gesundheitliche Vorteile. Sie sind eine hervorragende Quelle für wichtige Nährstoffe und gesunde Fette. Sie werden auch mit positiven Auswirkungen auf die Herz- und Darmgesundheit, den Blutdruck und sogar die männliche Fruchtbarkeit in Verbindung gebracht. Noch besser: Diese Nährstoff-Kraftpakete können dafür sorgen, dass Ihr Gehirn mit zunehmendem Alter ordnungsgemäß funktioniert, und können außerdem das Krebswachstum unterdrücken. Dies sind einige der Hauptvorteile dieser gesunden Nuss. 1- Nüsse sind reich an Nährstoffen Laut dem Food Nutrition Bulletin des US-Landwirtschaftsministeriums liefert eine Unze (etwa eine viertel Tasse oder 14 Nusshälften) 18 Gramm gesunde Fette, 4 Gramm Protein und fast 2 Gramm Ballaststoffe. . Die gleiche Menge Nüsse liefert Ihnen auch fast 50 % Ihres täglichen Manganbedarfs. (Das National Institutes of Health Office of Dietary Supplements empfiehlt 1,8 mg Mangan pro Tag für Frauen und 2,3 mg für Männer, und eine Unze Walnüsse enthält nach Angaben des Medical Center of the United States 0,97 mg Mangan. University of Rochester) . Eine Unze Walnüsse liefert Ihnen auch andere Nährstoffe, darunter Magnesium, Kalium, Eisen, Kalzium, Natrium und B-Vitamine. Eine im International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health veröffentlichte Studie aus dem Jahr 2018 identifizierte noch mehr Mikronährstoffe und Spurenelemente in Walnüssen. In absteigender Reihenfolge des Gehalts folgen nach Magnesium und Eisen Zink, Bor, Molybdän, Kupfer, Nickel, Kobalt und andere in noch geringeren Konzentrationen. Laut MedlinePlus sind die Makromineralien, auf die man sich konzentrieren sollte, Kalzium, Phosphor, Magnesium, Natrium, Kalium, Chlorid und Schwefel. Walnüsse erfüllen die Voraussetzungen für vier dieser Makromineralien. Außerdem enthalten sie Spurenelemente wie Eisen, Mangan, Kupfer, Zink und Kobalt. Mangan ist ein Mineral, das die Knochengesundheit fördert und für die Kollagenproduktion und Wundheilung notwendig ist. Laut einem 2017 in Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition veröffentlichten Artikel enthalten Walnüsse auch Polyphenole, hauptsächlich Pedunculagin. Pedunculagin ist ein Ellagitannin mit antioxidativer und entzündungshemmender Wirkung, das zum Schutz vor der Entstehung und dem Fortschreiten von Krebs, Herzerkrankungen und neurodegenerativen Erkrankungen beiträgt. Bei den bisher besprochenen Nüssen handelt es sich um gewöhnliche Walnüsse oder Englische Walnüsse. Aber auch die phenolischen Verbindungen in schwarzen Walnüssen wirken krebshemmend und antioxidativ, wie die Zeitschrift Molecules im Jahr 2020 berichtet. 2- Stellen Sie gesunde Fette bereit Manche Fette sind gesünder als andere. Zu den gesunden Arten zählen einfach ungesättigte Fette und mehrfach ungesättigte Fette. Laut MedlinePlus gehören Nüsse als Quelle für dieses gute mehrfach ungesättigte Fett zu den besten Nahrungsmitteln, die man essen kann. Alpha-Linolensäure oder ALA ist eine Art Omega-3-Fettsäure, von der bekannt ist, dass sie Entzündungen reduziert. Nüsse sind eine wichtige Quelle für ALA. In einer Studie aus dem Jahr 2020, die in der Fachzeitschrift Nutrients veröffentlicht wurde, wurden die Auswirkungen des Nusskonsums auf das Omega-3-Fettsäureprofil gesunder Erwachsener über einen Zeitraum von vier Wochen untersucht. Die Forscher fanden heraus, dass sich der Omega-3-Status der Probanden nach einem Monat des täglichen Verzehrs einiger Unzen Nüsse verbesserte. Sie stellten außerdem eine Verringerung des Körpergewichts und des Körperfetts sowie eine Zunahme der fettfreien Körpermasse und des Körperwassers fest. Laut einem 2022 in Advances in Nutrition veröffentlichten Artikel ist eine Erhöhung der ALA-Menge in Ihrer Ernährung mit einem um 10 % geringeren Risiko für Herz-Kreislauf-Erkrankungen verbunden. Und im selben Artikel wurde berichtet, dass ALA auch das Gesamtcholesterin, LDL-Cholesterin, Triglyceride und den Blutdruck senken kann und möglicherweise positive Auswirkungen auf andere Krankheiten wie Diabetes hat. 3- Walnüsse können die Darm- und Herzgesundheit unterstützen Den Forschern zufolge könnten bioaktive Verbindungen in Nüssen eine wichtige Rolle dabei spielen, die Darmumgebung auf eine Weise zu verändern, die sich auf den Krankheitsverlauf auswirkt. In einer sechswöchigen Penn State-Studie mit übergewichtigen Erwachsenen mit kardiovaskulärem Risiko, die 2020 im Journal of Nutrition veröffentlicht wurde, verbesserte die Zugabe von Nüssen zu ihrer Ernährung die nützlichen Darmbakterien, die mit gesundheitlichen Vorteilen verbunden sind, einschließlich einer Senkung des Blutdrucks und des Gesamtcholesterins. Es gibt weitere Hinweise darauf, dass Nüsse gut für das Herz sind. In einem anderen Artikel, der 2014 im Journal of Nutrition veröffentlicht wurde, wurden verschiedene Möglichkeiten angeführt, wie Walnüsse dazu beitragen, Risikofaktoren für Herz-Kreislauf-Erkrankungen zu reduzieren. Zwei dieser Hauptrisikofaktoren sind ein hoher LDL-Cholesterinspiegel (Low Density Lipoprotein, „schlechtes“ Cholesterin) und Bluthochdruck. Walnüsse helfen, beides zu reduzieren. Der Artikel identifizierte auch andere Bereiche, in denen Walnüsse sich positiv auf die Herzgesundheit auswirken können, wie z. B. die Verbesserung der Funktion der Auskleidung des Herzens und der Blutgefäße (Endothel) sowie die Verringerung von Entzündungsmarkern und oxidativem Stress, der auftritt, wenn freie Radikale die Oberhand gewinnen. Vorteil gegenüber Antioxidantien. 4- Sie helfen, den Blutdruck zu senken Die obige Studie war nicht die einzige, die herausfand, dass Nüsse den Blutdruck senken können. In einer Studie aus dem Jahr 2019, die im Journal of the American Heart Association veröffentlicht wurde, stellten Forscher fest, dass die Studienteilnehmer, wenn sie ganze Nüsse aßen, größere Vorteile erlebten, als wenn sie eine Diät mit einem geringen Anteil an ähnlichen Fettsäuren ohne Nüsse zu sich nahmen. Zu den Ergebnissen gehörten eine Senkung des zentralen diastolischen Blutdrucks (der Druck, der zum Herzen wandert) und positive Veränderungen im Cholesterinprofil. Wissenschaftler sagen, die Studie sei ein Beispiel dafür, wie eine relativ kleine Ernährungsumstellung zu erheblichen kardiovaskulären Vorteilen führen kann. Klicken Sie hier, um mehr zu lesen : 8 gesundheitliche Vorteile von Walnüssen