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I guess I'm just on an AMV kick this week... maybe I should make a collection....
In any case, here's another cool AMV, this one for Fairy Tail! This is set to Imagine Dragons' "Warriors" which I think is really fitting, because all of the Fairy Tail guild members are nothing if not warriors. Also putting an Imagine Dragons song to an anime with dragon slaying magic... nice move.
Anyways, I think this is another good matchup, song wise and anime wise. Who doesn't love watching a good Fairy Tail compilation? Eh?
@littlemaryk you should check out the this is war one that is posted in my page. or the gonna go far kid one those are really good
@littlemaryk depending on when you stopped watching, you should, I almost stopped because I couldn't get past a few of the filler and weak fights but I stuck it out and now I am really happy I am.
I didn't get far AT ALL I was just like meh this seems lame but this amv looks pretty sweet @NSeanLaTour
I feel like I should give fairytail another chance.
@kylesearl @nseanlatour yeah I agree. All the amvs I saw for Fairy Tail were all pretty heavily focused on acnologia things. I would've liked to see more variety, but I liked this song pairing a lot.
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