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According to Cube Entertainment on October 5, “BTOB will begin the official comeback activities after the release of their seventh mini album ‘I Mean.’ The title song ‘On the Way Home’ is a healing song filled with hope for those who are walking towards their dream after leaving failure and frustrations behind them. It will be a moving song just like ‘It’s Okay.’” Info from
They had me falling in love when they came out with the ballad song "it's okay " and now another ballad! Plus Sungjae is looking good in the photos!! Then I find out that Minhyuk is Going be doing a drama with Kim So Hyun from who are you: school 2015.... So many feels at the moment with btob. Anyway the song will be coming out on October 12th at midnight, And I plan to do a reaction to the song with my befriend as soon as the MV/song comes out.
yes I understand. I like sooo many groups. as soon as I find out one group has a comeback another is coming out at the second time and day...
2015 is a hard year for anyone like me, who loves multiple groups, and when I say multiple I'm talking about a loooooooot of groups, there is no time to recover between comebacks... I'm so looking forward to this ^^