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Edward Elric + The Winter Solder = SAME PERSON???

You heard it here first!

Edward Elric and The Winter Soldier (aka James Buchanan Barnes aka Bucky) ARE THE SAME PERSON!!!

They both have a metal arm.
They're both inexplicably good at gymnastics in a fight.

Do you doubt me??

Let me ask you this: Have you ever seen them in the same room together?

"But Shannon", you might say, "isn't one of them animated, while the other is the re-animated frozen best friend of Captain America?"
"But Shannon," you might ask, "isn't one of them a survivor of World War II, while the other is in an alternate universe feeding off the deaths in World War II?"
"But Shannon," you might query, "aren't their metal arms on different sides?"

Well to YOU I say:

That's it, conspiracy confirmed. Mind blown.

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