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Who would it be?

Okay, I know there are probably a LOT of fictional characters you'd like to date! How about this: the first time you comment, name your top five. Here are my picks:
1. Roy Mustang
2. Sam Wilson
3. Tuxedo Mask
4. Peggy Carter
5. Dick Grayson
Um... not necessarily in that order! Who would you date?
1) L (Death Note) 2) Levi (Attack On Titan) 3) Professor Stein (Soul Eater) 4) Kakashi (Naruto)
I'm so late because this was hard, but so fun: 1. Renji Abarai (Bleach) 2. Hatake Kakashi (Naruto) 3. Gambit (X-Men) 4. Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop) 5. Arsene Lupin III (Lupin the 3rd)
@RosePark you can definitely get a HELL YEAH for Harley Quinn!! Haha she's just got to dump her terrible boyfriend first... LOL @AimeeH as long as you're happy together that's what counts @LAVONYORK lol right one for each day hahaha! Deadpool would probably be fun to date though. Any time you said you need a hand he's probably just cut his off and throw it at you @lovelywhite13 Yessss Dante! Good choice ^_^
1. Zero Kiryu 2. Alucard 3. Levi Ackerman 4. Sebastian Michaelis 5. The Doctor Yeah, I've been on an anime binge lately. ;)
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