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If you could date any fictional character

Who would it be?

Okay, I know there are probably a LOT of fictional characters you'd like to date! How about this: the first time you comment, name your top five. Here are my picks:
1. Roy Mustang
2. Sam Wilson
3. Tuxedo Mask
4. Peggy Carter
5. Dick Grayson
Um... not necessarily in that order! Who would you date?
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Hikaru Hitachiin from OHSHC, Natsu from Fairy Tail, Leo, Nico, or Percy from Heroes of Olympus, Light Yagami from Death Note, Mizore from Rosario+Vampire, L from Death Note, Link, Grey from Fairy Tail, Kirito from SAO, Ichigo from Bleach, Haruhi Fujioka from OHSHC, Mark Dimond from the Pendragon series, Sebastian from Black Butler, Asuna from SAO, Carter Kane from the Kane Chronicles..... i have so many more that I can't think of right now.
Natsu from Fairy Tail, Dean or Gabriel from Supernatural, Roy Mustang from FMA, and Kakashi from Naruto. And I just noticed that 3 out of 5 are total perverts lol