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Doctor Who, the infamous British-accented Galifreyan whom many, many fans know and love has a reputation of traveling anywhere in Space and Time! But these amazing artists have brought to light scenes of Doctor Who and his mysterious appearances in Disney princesses' locations and stories.
Personally, I don't enforce the literal production combination of Disney and Doctor Who, since it's obviously a British show and I think the show would have lost its special characteristics that everyone loves so much (absolute no offense to Disney). Anyway, some of the girls in these pieces of art aren't exactly princesses, like Alice from Alice in Wonderland and Red Riding Hood, but they're still special characters to anyone who grew up with Disney.
One thing I really love, with Doctor Who art, merchandise, and anything else related to the show is the spectacularly rich blue. Yes, I'm weird, but really, doesn't that color symbolize the wonders of the universe to you? That rich blue, depicted in each art piece, brings that small swelling of adventure and excitement in your heart and you think of all the stars in the sky and then Doctor Who appears in his infamous show and his colors are that same bold and fierceness. Rich blue is a bold, unafraid color. These artists knew what they were doing when they combined colors together and brought Doctor Who into our childhood films and stories. My favorite is Mulan with The Blue Box. She's my favorite princess! Which one is your favorite? What art pieces attracted you the most? (All credit goes to the artists and, of course, Doctor Who production staff for making the show and all) (I'm not very good at this)
I love Doctor Who <3
alright thanks @shannonl5
Come to think of it some of the older ones might be in the public domain? Or on the BBC website?
@TrexinS we didn't buy them, this was before Netflix changed their service to be either streaming or DVDs so we had both... they might have changed recently, I think they got new stuff on October 1st but I wasn't able to check for Doctor Who
so if I want to watch the majority of the remaining ones I'd have to buy the DVDs? @shannonl5
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