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Thank you for tagging me in your card @danidee I'm not sure if this was my *favorite* Halloween costume but it was certainly the most fun!
I wanted to be The Winter Soldier but I knew I'd have to do all the body painting myself... and then I had a great idea! I'd dress up as a Peggy Carter version of the Winter Soldier. I'd give myself a metal leg instead of an arm... and then I could still call her PEGGY!
Get it?
The caption for this photo was: Why hasn't anyone in Hydra heard of hair ties?
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@LiNaHyun lol just break out some moves and start singing? XD @squeak920 oooh cool which one? @TessStevens thanks! Yeah if you do a card definitely tag me because I would LOVE to see that!!
I wanted to be an evil doll or a gem
Im going to be a cartoon character. im going to be Velma from scooby doo. I have everything but the skirt right now.
@BekkaWilliams haha I'm too much like Velma in real life sometimes... always losing my dang glasses XD @CheniseLewis ooooh those are both good options! Don't forget to share pics! :D