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EXO Member Card: My Answers
I count them all as my biases lol. So here are my answers @baozidonut :)
If Suho wasn't the leader I definitely think it would be Kai just because. Lol it makes sense in my head.
I personally don't like Kris bald style lol. He looks so good with hair!!! And I hope his solo career turns out great.
My favorite Sehun moment is definitely when he and Kai were doing that photoshoot. That look that Sehun gave Kai lol
Favorite Era of Lay? Definitely Overdose Era!!
Definitely whatever color this is lol ^^
The best feature of Tao has to everything. I can't even single out anything bc he's just too good
Awww Chanyeol ur so cute but my favorite dancer in EXO has to be Lay!! That boy....
Xiuhan or Hunhan? Well since I ship Kaihun I guess its Xiuhan
I definitely prefer his singing than acting!! I love his acting but that voice lol
Chen Chen is my favorite nickname for Jongdae. Just bc its easy to remember XD
Without a single doubt. KEEP YOUR HAIR DARK KAI!!!!
He's not my bias but he definitely could be lol. He has been my bias wrecker before
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