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I am absolutely in love with this song. If you want to check out a new band, I HIGHLY recommend Day6. They're very different from most of the groups I listen to and that are popular in the world right now because they are exactly what you see! 《 a BAND 》 where the members play instruments instead of just singing / rapping alone. Of course, if you ever have the time, you can see Sungjin dancing.

Give them a try.

They're mostly famous right now for their song Congratulations, but this one is one of my ultimate favorites by them.

The members are:

Wonpil - he sings first, one of the main vocalists. Junhyeok - he's on the piano! Jaehyung - he's got the hat on with the guitar; verry fluent in English! Sungjin - he's next to Jae on the other guitar. Dowoon - the drummer, he's sat next to Sungjin. Younghyun / Young K - he's the rapper!
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I agree with you their song Congratulations is the best!
They're my current favorite!