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One of us could win this awesome Iron Man figurine!

Here's the deal Marvelers: I asked Vingle if we could do a giveaway like the k-pop community did a while ago. And they said maybe! All I need to do is get ONE HUNDRED COMMENTS on this card to prove that it's worth it to do a giveaway!
We can handle that, right?

The giveaway would be for the Kotobukiya Avengers Movie: Iron Man Mark VII ArtFX Statue

This thing is SO COOL!

It lights up!
It has a motion sensor to react when you walk in!
It's *super* detailed!
Which means he looks *exactly* like he did in the first Avengers movie!

The giveaway would ONLY be for the Marvel community.

Which means that all you'd have to do is contribute to the community like you already are! The winner would be the user with the highest number of V Points in the rising section of the community. In case you hadn't realized, you gain V Points by:
- Getting a like or clip on your post.
- Getting followers on your collections.
- Liking or clipping another members' card.
- Getting likes on your comment.

So simple! But we have to let Vingle know we've got it in us! That means I need 100 comments on this card by Thursday October 8th at 11:59 EST.

I asked Vingle if we could do a giveaway because the Vingle Marvel community is so welcoming and special.

I think it's important to recognize how awesome we are! I think a giveaway will really bring us together and make us stronger than ever!

So let's show Vingle what an amazing community we are!

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lol does it have to be 100 diff people or 100 in general?
we did it
Pretttty....Sparkly...Shiny...ohh, and it lights up!!!! 馃榿馃榿馃榿
Do the comments HAVE to be about this? Because we can all just post our favorite (offensive) jokes for the next hour Lol I have tons
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