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Ok so I know I'm late posting these results but trust me I had a good reason. I had to spend some much needed time with a friend. So with that said, here are my results. Enjoy! So Woohyun and I have been bestfriends since we were kids. I looked to him as a brother. Through him I met Sungyeol who I had an instant crush on. I could not hide the fact that I was head over heels for him and little did I know, he felt the same way. Out of no where I received an rare Orchid with a note saying, "Your beauty is exceptional and rare as this rare flower." and it was singed S.A. I blushed right in front of them since they were with me when I found it. I was curious as to who would send this to me but Sungyeol knew the answer to that. It was Woohyun. Sungyeol told him he knew the truth but asked if he can take me out on a date one time before Wooshin decided he would confess to me. We went out and he said he was moving away but would miss me dearly. I cried when he left. Hoya being one of my closest friends as well, takes me to Verona, Italy which is where I always wanted to go, to try to cheer me up. While visiting there, I met Dongwoo who was on his European tour and asked if I wanted to join him which I was surprised and happy by the offer but turned it down since I was there with Hoya. Sunggyu was also on tour with Dongwoo and became jealous when Dongwoo started to give me special attention. On our way back home I met L and was completely smitten with him. We started to date and he wrote me a love song. I was so happy. He seemed so sweet and caring until I went to see him and saw another woman leave his place and he kissed her goodbye but he didn't notice me standing there. I was devastated by what L did and broke up with him. After a few weeks with no contact with anyone because I was so hurt by L, Woohyun called the one person he knew would cheer me up. Sungyeol rushed over immediately to be by my side. He let me cry on his shoulder and heard my feelings and thoughts on what L had done. As time went on Sungyeol and I got closer. He eventually asked me to marry him which I said yes. We now have two beautiful girls together!!!!! Boy talk about drama!!!! lol
@glostick it's ok! Our phones can be such trolls sometimes
OMG @beckiboop1996 thanks for pointing it out. My phone did an auto correct.
Really good story but can I point out that you called Woohyun Wooshin