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Song Of The Day: Big Bang MADE Concert in Las Vegas "Its like I was really there!"
Congrats to all Vinglers and fellow VIPs who went to see BIG BANG. I know all of you had a great time seeing them in person. And for the people like me who didn't have the chance to go, grab some ice cream and watch these videos I found on YouTube of the concert :)
This is the beginning of the concert and let me tell you...Big Bang came out with a bang They was all looking good and Bang Bang Bang was a great song to start off with
Next was LOSER which totally blew me away. TOP was my favorite....those glasses look 2 good on him.

GD and Taeyang came in with Good Boy which made me wonder why I haven't listen to this awesome song in a while. This song is something I could club too all night

GD and TOP Zutter destroyed me. I can't handle GD's cuteness and TOP voice..it's all too much lol

Taeyang slowing things down with Eyes, Nose, and Lips. All I can say is that his voice will always and forever be valued by my ears
If You...Big Bang really needs to stop with trying to make me cry with these slow songs. GD almost got me with his voice, then Taeyang, but TOP also....I need help
Am I the only one who thinks Daesung English has improved or is it just me? And I'm pretty sure GD said something about releasing a whole MADE album out. One more thing, GD and Suengri knows cuss words!! I'm pretty sure GD and Suengri said mothaf#$@!#. Just watch the video
The ending sadly....has come. One thing that really got to me was that Big Bang didn't end the concert without thanking the musicians, dancers, and staff..I really like that they know they couldn't have done this concert without them. It lets me know that they really appreciate everybody.
Sorry that this card was so long. I just had to do this. I just couldn't pick one song from the concert so I decided to do all of them. See you guys later.
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