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Hillary Clinton Lets Loose A Donald Trump Impression On ‘SNL’
Hilary, like Bill has focused a strong portion of her campaign to hitting one important group of citizens: The cool, young, hip American.
Anyone knows that in the past 25-30 years, if you grab the youth in a cool way, you've got a legitimate shot. "The Cool" often have access to a larger group of people and are more social often with their beliefs. This causes your movement to spread like wildfire.
Bill grabbed the kids with his appearance on Aresenio Hall. Looks like Hilary had her moment this weekend on SNL.
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SNL waited until the fifth sketch to bring out Hillary, who played sympathetic ear Val the Bartender.

During the skit, they touched on numerous issues, such as her stance in support of gay marriage. Near the middle of the skit she delivered a hilarious and unexpected impersonation of Donald Trump.

Who knew that Hilary has such a great sense of humor?

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I think it was a good mix of making fun of her and making her look good. but all around good for her image :)
Also, maybe people differ on how they feel about Hillary as a politician, but man, what a cool grandma to her granddaughter Charlotte. Between Hillary and Chelsea, she's got some great and fearless women to look up to.