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Everyone has their bad days.. but when J.K. Rowling does, watch out.
I guess Rowling had a rough day at the office, because she hopped on twitter this weekend to shatter the dreams of Potter fans across the globe.
The famed author took questions from fans and revealed new details for fans.

Fans lined up by the dozens to ask J.K. Rowling questions about the series. Some got answers they didn't want to hear though.

Apparently, Harry Potter fans have created a theory that has Ron Weasley becoming Dumbledore through the power of time travel (idk how this theory came to pass.. but ok.) Rowling hopped on twitter and put an end to theory. When a fan asked if it was true, Rowling replied "False Theory."
Another theory that popped up Rowling’s Twitter feed is the idea that Draco is a werewolf and Snape is some sort of vampire (yall need to step away from Twilight, man...)
Rowling put that one to bed when asked on Twitter as well, saying "I've never seen that one before. Draco definitely isn't a werewolf (and Snape's not a vampire)."
Well, Potter fans, you got the answers you wanted, whether you liked them or not.
Personally, I'm relived that Ron isn't Dumbledore and Snape isn't a Vampire because those don't make a lot of sense to me.
With that being said, I know some of you were looking forward to that one being true.. not matter how odd the road that followed would've been.
@ZacharyColeHall I second that! And you should def give fanfiction a try and share it with us!!!
@shannonl5 i haven't tried fanfiction is it good?
i love harry potter. but i wish harry and Hermione would have gotten together
thank you. @shannonl5 I'll try it out.
@ZacharyColeHall @mchlyang haha I'm all about sharing fanfiction! It's like any media, there's some that's not great, but there's some that totally blew me away. Some of the best stuff I've read this year has been fanfiction. Definitely check it out and share any you find! Archive of Our Own is probably your best bet ^_^
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