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Hello Vinglers!
Another Day, Another Song! Let's Go~

Let Me Hear by Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (Parasyte)

FLiLV has been in my favorite J-Rock Band since this anime. It might be a little too hardcore for some but you can't say this is not EPIC! It just feels RIGHT with the anime. That combination of Auto-tune + Metal is amazing! It's a totally different style from what we have experienced before. If you liked this song, listen to other songs by these guys as well. Also, check out the anime!

Original MV which makes this even better!
Don't Close Your Eyes and Go Crazy!

For those who want to be tagged or removed from the list let me know!

@biancadanica98 Right? It's pretty unique and it goes so well with the anime~
I haven't watched this anime yet mostly because I'm not a fan of horror/pyscho animes but the opening is so awesome! That's the kind of music I like to hear!
That's the perfect phrase for it. It's a puzzle I'm trying to figure out. Soo captivated.
@littlemaryk What did I say xD its intrguing AF right?! @SimplyOtaku *runs away*
I will I will but I have to finish Blast of Tempest first! Which btw is f**king amazing. Sorry for the language it's just hard to explain the depths of my thoughts and feelings on it. Just a masterpiece so far for me.@RosePark
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