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New Songs!!

Anyone have any song suggestions??
Big Bang- It Aint No Fun BTS- Fun Boyz B1A4- Lonely HotShot- Take A Shot Block B- Jackpot
24K- Super Fly MonstaX- Hero & Rush
BTS Tomorrow, Converse High, Just One Day Daichi Muira The Answer, Turn Off the Lights
Luhan: that good good, seungri: what can i do, heo young saeng ft. hyun: let it go, rap monster: do you
T.Zion- Yanghwa Bridge History- Might Just Die Xia- Flower BTL- Too-g Tasty- Day n' Night 24K- U R So Cute Seo Taiji- ToppDogg- Arario 2PM- My House BToB- Wow BTS- No More Dream Block B- Her Got7- I Like You Ailee- Don't Touch Me If you haven't heard any of these, you probably should go listen to them ^•^ Also, if you want, Shout by Kamikaze is pretty entertaining. It's not Korean, it's Thai. But it's still pretty fantastic.
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