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ok I have fallen head over heels in love with bts and I want to watch and listen to everything. ... everything o.0 now my question is where can I do that where can i start. I was randomly just watching them on YouTube and I realized I want to start from the beginning is there a website that will start from the beginning and show everything in order from then to this day??? or am I crazy
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@katierussell and here's the 2nd time when they were on it during their "I need you" promotions https://youtu.be/kKd1nspo8Hc
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hope you enjoy!!!!
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look up "predebut bts jungkook Jimin jhope v beautiful" and "predebut bts Jimin jungkook jhope graduation song" and if you're into some hard core stuff look up "bts predebut rap monster, Suga, Jin, tears of school"
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also search up their channel "bangtantv" on YouTube and you enjoy those idiots doing stupid things there xP The Bangtan Bombs are amazing xDD
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@camcam16 I will thank you ^-^ ahhh im so excited im going to watch everything
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