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ok I have fallen head over heels in love with bts and I want to watch and listen to everything. ... everything o.0 now my question is where can I do that where can i start. I was randomly just watching them on YouTube and I realized I want to start from the beginning is there a website that will start from the beginning and show everything in order from then to this day??? or am I crazy
Welcome to the fandom but one your in your never coming out :D
Welcome to the giant fandom of ARMYS!The most logical order to watch them from the start is the order their M/Vs came out.... So here is the order from their debut until now! 1. No More Dream 2. We Are Bulletproof 3. N.O 4. Boy In Luv 5. Just One Day 6. Danger 7. War Of Hormone 8. I Need U 9. Dope And then they are having a comeback this month!!
also search up their channel "bangtantv" on YouTube and you enjoy those idiots doing stupid things there xP The Bangtan Bombs are amazing xDD
look up "predebut bts jungkook Jimin jhope v beautiful" and "predebut bts Jimin jungkook jhope graduation song" and if you're into some hard core stuff look up "bts predebut rap monster, Suga, Jin, tears of school"
@addri yay thank you ur amazing
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