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I'm stuck on "sadistic bitchcake"
@shelbyhusband I can agree. Kpoppers, and I can also be bunched into this group (sadly), tend to compare Kpop to other music that isn't kpop. And saying that 1D doesn't work hard... That is complete rubbish. Every freaking singer on this whole freakin' planet has worked hard to get to where they are at today. I've heard stories of stars who were bullied most their childhood, but didn't let that stop them from achieving their dreams... *Whew* Sorry 'bout that. Now that I have let my mini rant go I can finally say that I love these kpop memes because I can relate to most of them!
@Dabaesaplayer totally! i think the memes are just talking about the crazy reaction there was from the bad 1D fans, not the good ones that are totally chill haha
omg those leggings though, where! how do I get those!! lol
@camcam16 No problem, as long as I'm on Vingle i'll keep posting these for everyone to enjoy 馃槉
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