If I were to choose any super powers, it would have to be atmokinesis. Storm is a remarkable character with one of the most expansive arsenals of abilities of any character ever.
Unfortunately, these abilities have been severely underutilized on screen. I mean, most people don't realize the range of applications that atmokinesis has...
That she can manipulate molecules on the atomic level (like separating water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen via electrolysis, to breathe underwater)...
She can see the universe in terms of energy patterns, can fly at supersonic speeds, can punch holes through mountains...
She has the ability to harness kinetic, potential, tidal, chemical, thermal, electromagnetic, gravitational, and solar energy...
and because of her ability to perceive all forms of energy, Storm has an awareness of living things around her...
There is so much more, but I think you can see why I'd choose her superpowers. :)
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@ChosenKnight you're too kind! Honestly I feel like conversing with you is really inspiring me ^_^ I definitely see what you're saying with Doctor Who. The productions sometimes have to be cheaper because the BBC doesn't have a huge budget, but they still manage to do amazing things. I get the impression that the cast and writers don't always disagree- but they have the space to work those things out because there's mutual respect there. And while disagreements can be difficult, ultimately I think it's healthy to disagree sometimes. And the end result is often better for it. Doing the same thing over and over is really bad for creativity. It builds habits and suddenly good ideas get ignored because it's not the same thing you always do
@shannonl5 awe thank you so much.same here seriously. that's so true. alot of people feel like the only way we can be compatible with each other is to agree with everything all the time.but that's unrealistic in most cases. as long as we can be mature and take constructive criticism, we can have a positive outcome.I think that the problem with the industry for the most part is that they agree with one another a little TOO much.lol.they all have the same mindset so it leaves no room for individual thought or creativity. and you're right Doctor Who doesn't have a big budget, but it doesn't take away from the over all experience. The creativity and originality is still present in the show.I think the saddest thing is that there ARE people out there who want a chance to show diversity,creativity,etc but might not get the chance because they don't have the platform.
@ChosenKnight <3 For sure. And there's ways to disagree respectfully, and learn from each other. Especially when it comes to any kind of creative field. There's a lot of trust for sure- you have to trust the person getting feedback from you will take it the way you intend and not see it as a personal attack, but the person getting feedback has to trust that the person giving it is doing so because they care about the work. It can be difficult. And yeah, it doesn't seem like the industry right now is trying to create that kind of environment. Or making enough effort to include people who want to make different kinds of work (more diverse or experimental or both).
@MariamaFeaster all the Storm appreciation here ^_^
whooohooo!!! @shannonl5 lol