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Not many people know About my precious Baby Hansol or his group Topp Dogg. Which saddens me since they have amazing Music Videos, concepts, and just music in general. ( So I wanted to make a card to show support and hopefully get people into Topp Dogg so they can enjoy Their Comeback. (SUPPOSED TO COME OUT THIS MONTH))
But my love for Hansol extends far into the vasts of 'Oh my gOd!' For multiple reasons. His dancing, his voice, the fact that he can transform into multiple personas and can look like completely different people amaze me.
Before actually getting into Topp Dogg I used to think Hansol was extremely intimidating, but oh I was wrong. I was completely wrong.
But behind his intimidating cat eyes, lies a sassy Butterfly Diva I feel everyone should get to know.
This Video portrays his sassiness to a whole new level. He broke free from stardom for just a moment and created a masterpiece. Please take a moment to watch this beautiful dance piece he put together himself with the help and inspiration of the amazing


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I need to check out more on top dog too
@Baekyeol27 I used to think bts was hardcore xD
@lilxreika me too!!!!!
@Atomshair SAME. But in reality they are squishy.