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Alexander McQueen Spring 2016 Collection is Girly, Tough, and All-Around Cool
Sarah Burton has done it again and proven she is the rightful heir to keep Alexander McQueen's over-the-top and breathtaking legacy alive. Her Spring 2016 collection for the long awe-inspiring label arrived today in Paris, beginning with a slew of white and cream-colored looks, before allowing blacks, reds, and a rainbow of colorful touches to permeate the runway. I can't get over this collection, so I'm highlighting my favorite looks and letting you decide for yourselves whether you agree that McQueen is on top, and looks like it's going to stay that way.

Unfussy Ruffles

Burton's collection was full of ruffles, from cascading trim to dresses almost entirely of ruffles. Despite the prominence of ruffles in the collection, Sarah Burton managed to walk the line between feminine and tough, keeping the ruffles from making the collection too precious or sugary sweet, but adding a softness to otherwise edgy looks.

Tough-Girl Chic

Body chains aren't so 90's anymore, thanks to Burton's haunting mix of tough and delicate embellishment. The chains and adornment may be tough, but their pairing with jewels and pearls, against white garments, makes them seem more like adornment than armor.


McQueen is technically a ready-to-wear collection, but the brand's dramatic reputation means that most of the looks that walk down the runway aren't too obviously wearable. These looks, however, made their appearance and immediately became the clear pieces women everywhere want in their closets, on their bodies, and to be able to wear everyday.

Just plain breathtaking.

Sometimes that's the only way to describe Burton's work for the brand. Gowns that look like they're destined for red carpet fame, intricate details that are delicate and beautiful, and striking juxtapositions between hard and soft touches all make McQueen pieces memorable, and ultimately coveted.
And here Sarah Burton is, in her surprisingly understated glory.
Okay, I realize I just showed you most of the Alexander McQueen Spring 2016 collection, but that's just how amazing I found each look to be. Do you agree? Would love to hear from fellow fashion-lovers @Marshalledgar, @Jordanhamilton, @TessStevens and anyone else!
amazing!!! I am obsessed with the entire collection. it is literally breathtaking, but I am def loving the ready to wear look. those tops and the distressed denim is absolutely perfect and ruffles are so on trend this season!
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Hits and misses for me. I hope I don't seem too negative or Debbie Downer-ish. I have always loved McQueen. I don't see the "bite" in the label, since McQueen's passing. But what are you going to do? The brand lives on. I think my favorite looks are from the second block of pictures. Definitely Gag-Worthy! Wish Burton's designs were more cohesive and had more bite.
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@Jordanhamilton I love that ready-to-wear look, too. @Marshalledgar I agree that the label doesn't have quite the edge it used to, but I see the cohesion in Burton's vision and appreciate that what she's done for the label feels new and exciting (at least to me!) and not just a re-run of McQueen's greatest hits.
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good point@Gavriella Burton does have her own voice. that remains clear.
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