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Hey whats up guys today is a special day! I'll be hosting Big Bang's Detonation Countdown
All throughout this week i'll be showing my BB pride here on Vingle celebrating each member in the same order that they did their live streams The Order: G-Dragon Taeyang T.O.P Seungri Daesung
And as for Saturday, it will be a Big Bang Bash. But thats not all because i have something special for you guys. So you'll have to stay tuned to find out what it is
But lets kick this thing off with


He's Kwon Of A Kind
Yes sir he's One Of A Kind, hee's Big Bang's Leader and heres some of my favorite songs by him :D
Black That XX Obsession Gossip Man Niliria Coup D'etat Shake The World G-Market You Do This Love
What are your favorite GD songs?
heartbreaker ( cause that was the song that got me into K-pop ) window ( my fav no doubt but I have a lot of favs) obsession ( love it so much) shake the world ( that's my fricking Jam) black rod butterfly
crayon of course and crooked and heart breaker lol
I really love CROOKED by GD 😀 I saw him in concert in LA this past Saturday, and this song is amazing when performed live! I also really like Shake the World ☺