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Okay, so I finally found the original post for this challenge, thank you @AimeeH. So, here are my results, please enjoy. Now, one thing to keep in mind that this was a bit tricky to pull off, but being a writer, I think I pulled it off finally. 👍
"These are for you," the man handed me a bouquet of roses. "Thank you Jin, but why did you get me these?" "I was kind of hoping...maybe we could do dinner sometime?" He looked hopeful. I sighed, feeling bad for him, and returned the roses. "I'm sorry, I already have a boyfriend, I can't accept these." After I got off of work that day, I called Ken, my best friend, and told him about my coworker who asked me out. We laughed a bit and caught up some since they had all been busy getting ready for their upcoming tour. As soon as I got off the phone with Ken, my boyfriend, Hakyeon called to invite me to go hang out with them all at dinner to celebrate their new tour coming up. However, Hongbin wouldn't be able to make it and Ken was also busy, so it would only be the others. So later I was at dinner with Hyuk, Hakyeon, Leo, and Ravi. We were having a great time, but then N pulled me aside at one point and suddenly said he wanted to break up. I was extremely surprised at the suddenness of his words, but once I thought about it, I wasn't really surprised. Both Ken and N knew I had a crush on Leo. Hakyeon had offered to date me because he liked me well enough, and I thought it would be okay, but lately I hadn't Ben much into it. After talking for a bit, we agreed to mutually break up. We returned to dinner and the guys asked us what was up, but I didn't say anything. After dinner, Ravi came up to me and after some prodding, I told him about our break up. To cheer me up, he offered to cook dinner for me on Friday night, which I happily agreed to. After that I'm busy until Friday night and Ravi comes over to cook dinner. We are singing, chatting, and just chilling when suddenly there is a knock at the door. Ravi and I look at each other, surprised. As he sets the table I open the door to see Hyuk standing there. He waltzed in and greeted us. "Um, you know I love hanging out but...what are you doing here?" I ask him. He admits that he overheard my conversation with Ravi about breaking up with N, and he was jealous of N for having dated me, and also of Ravi for getting to spend time together tonight. That was when Ravi intervened and admitted that he had secretly admired me for a long time.
I sigh and hug both of them, deciding to tell them about my whole relationship from the start with Hakyeon and about having a crush on Leo. After we all got our feelings straightened out, we enjoyed dinner together, better friends than we started. After they left I called Ken and told him about my emotional week. He then proceeded to tell me that he had gotten me a special pass for their tour. I had unlimited access and backstage privileges, which made sense since everyone knew me there. After all, before I was an English teacher in Seoul, I had been hired as an English coach and translator for the guys. That's how we all met and became such good friends. So during their tour I get to hang out and watch them perform, falling more and more in love with Ken, who really helped me a lot. When they went overseas for their tour I had to stay and work, so I was looking forward to the end of their tour. When they finally came home, they were given time for vacation. Ken invited me to go with him to Japan, knowing I'd always wanted to visit. While on vacation Ken confesses to me in one of the gardens near our hotel. Ecstatic, I agree to date him. -Time Skip- We've been dating for two years now and going strong. I excitedly wait for him at the airport because Ken is coming to visit me and my family for the first time. He's seen them by Skype, but in person. During his visit he proposes to me and I agree wholeheartedly, and we live happily ever after!
FINALLY!!!!! Such wow, much writing! Lol. If you read it all, thank you so much, if you skimmed, still thank you, if you just liked it for the pictures, I totally understand. 😊 @byeolbit, @Miss148, @kpopandkimchi, @honeysoo, @iamrotamrot, @StephanieDuong, @KaceyDodge, @B1A4BTS5ever, @kpopGaby, @MattK95, @Starbabes, @baileykayleen.
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omg I love this! Thank you so much!!