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Seventeen Screenshot Game!

Just like it sounds.

I know it says click and drag but I made this for Tumblr. It works the same either way! But screenshotting works for mobile users on this app!
Feel free to post your results and tag your friends! I want to see who you guys get! I hope this is as fun as it was to make! This was all possible because miss @ChelseaJay encouraged me to make it and kept me on my toes with any misspellings when I started it last night. Thank you, waifu. I love you~

My Own Results!

Best Friend: Woozi ( Yes please. He's a fearsome little thing. He'd always have my back! ) Admirer: Mingyu ( Well well welllll. ) Crush: Seungkwan ( Unfortunately yes. This little shit ruins my life every day. ) First Kiss: Mingyu ( Well you got what you wanted, Mingyu~ ) Boyfriend: Jisoo ( Hot damn. I snagged myself one of my top 3 babes! ) Jealous One: Woozi ( I will make time for you, Woozi. Fear not. ) Roommate: Jeonghan ( I bet he'd help keep the place tidy. I accept this. ) Love to Hate: Wonwoo ( Probably because I kissed his boyfriend, Mingyu. Oh whale. ) Husband: Jisoo ( IT WORKED OUT! Yay for young love. We showed them! )
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@MorganElisabeth Well one can have a drink with me then XD
2 years ago·Reply
@MorganElisabeth He's 21 in Korea, internationally hes 20. EVEN THE OLDEST IS YOUNGER THAN ME
2 years ago·Reply
@KaeliShearer here u go :)
2 years ago·Reply