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No, not that Bacon. Lol! Most people love bacon, unless it's due to religious reasons or they are vegan. Can you go too far with bacon? I was trolling and that is found some interesting take on Bacon!
Mmm bacon soda, anyone?
Chocolate covered bacon?
Bacon clothing?
Let's get Bacon wasted... And use that Bacon lube! And set the mood with
Bacon lube! Ooooo :/
Lol, Bacon... ! The photos do not belong to me, I was trolling and the bacon craze started after I looked up Kevin Bacon lol!
Is it bad I really want that chocolate bacon..............
We have a novelty shop right down the mountain from my house. They have a candy shop and do all kinds of covered bacon. I had a little bite of the bacon - both milk chocolate and dark. The dark was way better than than the milk, imo. Maybe because it's not as sweet?
I would not mind having a bacon candle though.....that would be so bomb!
I've had chocolate bacon in Philadelphia and it was the worst thing I've ever had.....never eat it.
It actually sounds like it would be pretty bomb in some bloody marys.
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