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OMG. Its like i feel so...not special cause i am not seeing bigbang this weekend whereas all my other friends are going. But it was my option so i am not blaming anyone. I just didnt have the money. BUT i make up for it by texting my friends who are going and telling them: YA do this do that for me ok?! On my behalf?! My spirit shall be with u that day!
MUST! Watch!! If you want to fangirl or fanboy!! It is amazing to see how BIGBANG is so comfortable and social with soem fans. Especially taeyang!! And for all you jrekml followers and lenny followers.
Yeah I almost wasn't gonna go because it cost me soo much but I will definitely have fun for you and post plenty of pictures
ahsisbx i loved jre's reaction!!!!
Ive been following Big Bang since before they were Big Bang...before GD was GD and befire he was still with SM..since before TOP wad TOP..when he was still Tempo aka Mark...since when Seungri wasnt supposed to be in Big Bang....Im just saying...I never got to see them in the last 14+ years and it sucks...I know your pain it really blows...all I want is to meet them..Id die happy...I feel your pain..
I just watched JREs video and I was shaking and almost cried! Taeyang was so nice taking selfies with everyone.
i wanna go, but i don't have money for the ride or someone to house me.
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