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Well Taeyang and I have been best friends for a while. He was one I could tell almost everything to, and he'd be there for me. I had a crush on his friend GD for a while. I would've spoke up, but I too nervous to say how I felt. The love triangle happened when Taeyang realize the feeling he had for me. I didn't know, because he never spoke up about it; he became my secret Admirer. Seungri, busted through the door trying to get me to notice him. Being sweet and all, Seungri approached me to go out with him. I did, at first I felt weird cause of all the mixed feelings I was experiencing, but I decided why not?! He was sweet and seemed invested in me. It flopped however because I was to hung up on GD. My friend Daesung invited me on a weekend cruise to cheer me up and clear my head. That weekend I met T.O.P my thoughts were you only live once. Magic happened and weeks later I found out that I was to be a new mom. We freaked out, and began dating, it was awesome for us with a kiddo on the way. GD was the only person who wasn't happy for us. He seemed a little jealous. T.O.P and I talk, decided that he was in no way obligated to stay with me; as long as he would be there for the kiddos and went our separate remaining a close relationship for our kid. little did I know he wrote a song for me saying I would forever be in his heart. Singing it when we official broke up. A little later I met Seungri again.We talk and cleared air from our previous date, he was still interested and I realized how great we really are for each other and we decided that we would get married.
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