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Thank you to @MorganElisabeth for making this. So the results - Best friend - Hoshi (He would make an amazing best friend and he can teach me how to dance) Admirer - Wonwoo (Yes my baby is my admirer!!) Crushing on - Minghao or The8 (Well how can I not? He's so adorable and squishy) First Kiss - Minghao (Yay! First kiss with the cutie pie) Boyfriend - Woozi (awww. but I would have to bend down to kiss him and we would be so out of proportion when holding hands etc) Jealous one - Junhui or Jun (Why are you jealous Jun? I still love you!) Roommate - Minghao (That'd be awkward bringing home Woozi and my roommate is the guy I first kissed and have/had a crush on) Love to hate - Woozi (Why do I love to hate my boyfriend?) Husband - S.Coups (aww Scoops! I have an awesome husband!)
I'm sure Woozi can wear platform gym shoes. That way you won't lose him in a crowd either.
@MorganElisabeth he is but we must not tell him as he hates being called short
@MorganElisabeth I'm sorry about the no pictures. I did add them but my phone obviously decided to be a bitch and delete them....
@ChelseaJay Yeah that'd be good. they'd have to have quite big heels to them!!
@beckiboop1996 Haha! He can wear insoles! He is very small but don't tell him that ;)
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