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So this guy I follow on YouTube who is deep in the anime community and follow up on any anime/manga related news did this video saying the possibility of anime disappearing is high due to two factors. low sales at comic-cons and this corporation's bankruptcy,which is known for many well-known animes. we as the fans of anime should do everything we can to insure anime is around for generations to come. WHO'S WITH ME? ??
@BrandonHenderso yup the industry is in fact "dying" but it actually means its "evolving". Japan has a habit of being slow on adopting new technology some companies still use ax machines. So as I said before its all a matter of distribution method. They still only show it on TV while in America most TV shows can be downloaded and distributed digitally legally. Gives them some type to adapt and evolve. They just have to learn that legal downloading and streaming is in fact the best way of distribution these days.
@RosePark you are my friend 馃槃馃槃 I was afraid that those numbers and the company's bankruptcy would truly end anime. Thanks for the insight 馃槉
I agree with @RosePark. the way that the industry is run right now is collapsing, because these distribution methods are outdated and just don't work. however, the artists still make mangas and they still make shows. they just need to realize there are better delivery methods.
The anime man is the best XD
The anime man didn't say the rumors of manglobe were true. They are just rumors but there is no denying the sales of anime is becoming over saturated and the sales are really low. Well let's wait and see the sales of Tokyo ghoul season 3 and see. Also, I think the anime man was pointing something out and I am starting to see. Anime is going digital, and there is no reason to collect anymore. The problem with Japanese economy they do not adapt very quickly
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