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Anime is dying 馃槺馃槺馃槺!?
So this guy I follow on YouTube who is deep in the anime community and follow up on any anime/manga related news did this video saying the possibility of anime disappearing is high due to two factors. low sales at comic-cons and this corporation's bankruptcy,which is known for many well-known animes. we as the fans of anime should do everything we can to insure anime is around for generations to come. WHO'S WITH ME? ??
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@BrandonHenderso no worries my friend ^^ Anime is life, Anime is Love. Just enjoy it and dont worry~
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What I think how these projects should be funded is by the anime community not by DVDs sales that should be a temporary solution to this problem while a more permanent one is found
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I totally follow Joey the Animeman too.
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The anime man didn't say the rumors of manglobe were true. They are just rumors but there is no denying the sales of anime is becoming over saturated and the sales are really low. Well let's wait and see the sales of Tokyo ghoul season 3 and see. Also, I think the anime man was pointing something out and I am starting to see. Anime is going digital, and there is no reason to collect anymore. The problem with Japanese economy they do not adapt very quickly
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The anime man is the best XD
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