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so next year BigBang's contract is coming to an end. *wipes tears* they will be joining the army according to YG .
now it's not good bye forever ... (Well it sure as hell better not be) there is still more time until then... & hopefully they go out with a BANG full article :
They'll resign, TOP will go into the military and the rest will keep up solo activities until they go in. Probably a year after SeungRi (cause he's last to go in) gets out, they'll have another full comeback as a group. At least I hope so
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Same. It's going to be difficult explaining to my family why I'm laying in a ball on the floor...
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is that why they did the world tour ?? WAE😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
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Ugh TOP... my husband ;-;.. I don't want him to go to military I just want him and BigBang to continue making music ;-;... but it's okay.. I'll try being strong.. I'll just keep playing their music until they come back ;-;
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