In my online wanderings, I have learned that Fuu is a much hated character (color me shocked!). Honestly, I love the character. Sure, she tends to be a bit high-strung, but she is just a child. Fuu might not be physically strong or have any fighting skills to speak of, but she does have a strong personality. She doesn't shrink away from trouble or challenging situations, she always lends a hand (or Jin and Mugen's blades) to someone in need, and always takes action to provide tactical support. She knows her limitations; that's why she hire Jin and Mugen to begin with. She knew that, as a 15 year old girl, traveling the countryside of feudal Japan, she would be a target. So, she's not exactly a "damsel in distress" so much as a clumsy child who stumbles into trouble a lot in a time when men were often looking to stir up trouble. She is also quite clever. Fuu talks her way out of many predicaments, without Jin or Mugen's help, and was able to keep her two bodyguards from killing each other throughout their travels. That's quite a feat for a teenaged girl!
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@JoeyNelson haha I don't know about liking them more but I should at least try to broaden my horizons lol
I keep finding better and better anime the more I look. Maybe you'll get lucky
@JoeyNelson same here. I do like that it's a medium that's always progressing and changing ^_^
yeah she's definitely not a fighter, her squirrel momo fights more than her lol
@Jak91 lol Momo is the secret hero of the story