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Hi there, Haidurr here. Starting Wednesday I will be rating waifus for Waifu Wednesday. I will be doing this every Wednesday and I will be starting it with everyone's favorite yandere Yuno Gasai. So hope to see you then. Who is your waifu and why tell me in the comments maybe I'll rate them in the future! :D
@VinMcCarthy @RosePark @poojas. Thanks for the support guys :D
this is great! you should do asuna sakurazaki!
@poojas Yup. You go @Haidurr~ A new weekly collection is always appreciated by the community! ^^
This sounds like an awesome idea. You should add Waifu Wednesday to the title of the card and oh oh maybe even talk a little bit more about the character and why you like em? Doesn't this sound like a fun new weekly card @RosePark @VinMcCarthy?
well I don't even have to say a thing... because it is Yuno Gasai... rate her fairly... because she'll kill you... ps, fairly is 10/10
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