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Seventeen Screenshot Game Results!
Game by @MorganElisabeth! Thank you for making this. ;u; Best Friend: Hansol (heck yea) Admirer: Soonyoung (aw ;;) Crushing On: Jeonghan (u got me) First Kiss: Seungkwan (SCREAMS) Boyfriend: Soonyoung (ahhHHH) Jealous One: Jisoo (sorry love) Roommate: Soonyoung (UH) Love to Hate: Jisoo (i would neVER) Husband: Mingyu (BUT HE'S A BABY)
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Omg hating Jisoo wHAT. Ahhh!! Lucky with that kiss with Seungkwan but Mingyu is at least older than him! Haha! Upgrading for marriage I see.
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@MorganElisabeth LOL I FELT BAD jisoo is an angel :-( hahaha yeah seungkwan's too young for marriage but maybe when he's older if things with mingyu don't work out...... :^)
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