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day 3: favorite bts mv
my bias is ❤ kim taehyung❤ okay I have a thing for weirdness and taehyung has the most amazing personality. his smile is to die for and his toung *sighs* is squeal worthy. he makes me laugh and wtf at the same time. his stare makes my heart race and his voice its simply the most amazing voice I have ever heard. I love this man more than T.O.P more than ravi more than jackson more than anyone I thought I could love several stars at once but V came along and destroyed that thought, he is all consuming. iv literally tried looking up everything and im still working on it. if you want to tag me in anything to do with him ill appreciate it ^-^
day 5: favorite bts meme/ parody/ funny photo. ok where to start can I just say everything XD (having trouble uploading pictures so I could only put these two I have a whole lot more)