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This weekend I made the trek to into the city to one of the few theaters that is showing Freeheld. I brought my ticket, sat with my best friends,ate some popcorn, and commented on the amazing trailers.
And then the lights dimmed and I sat captivated for 2 hours, aware of a nearly empty movie theater sick with the emotions that filled the room. Fear, anguish, anger, and heart breaking joy.
I was reminded that I am lucky. Lucky to be heterosexual, a woman who just happens to love the type of person that is socially acceptable.
I am reminded that getting married is easy for me. Getting married is as easy as a few too many tequila shots, a touch of recklessness, the Las Vagas lights and a cutie on a winning streak.
I am reminded that I expect to spend the rest of my life with a man that I love, but only after having every single one of my friends and family supporting me on the wedding day that I have been granted the right to have.
I am reminded that when my marriage doesn't work out, silly jokes about second and third weddings are acceptable and enjoyed.
"Don't worry, husband number 3 will be much better."
I am reminded that only 10 years prior to today, "domestic partnerships" really meant nothing.
I am slapped in the face that old white men who are too focused on the old testament to bother with the new, make sure that their beliefs are more important then acceptance, compassion, and love. That their power supports themselves, not their people.
I am reminded that on the happiest day in a couples life, "domestic partners" didn't even get a congratulations.
I am reminded that there are people out there that fight for their right to call their soul mate husband, to call them wife, to call themselves married in the eyes of the God they believe, that we (heteros) so flippantly annul at every bump in the road.
I am reminded that someone who spends their life doing good, protecting others, and being a good friend can so easily be pushed aside and assaulted, abondanded by their friends, co-workers and family because they had the courage to love someone that crusty old men in power deem wrong.
But most importantly, I am reminded that staying impartial is the same as taking the hateful side.
So no, I will not ignore your hateful remarks, or bigoted ideals, or your voice screaming Dike across the bar because an argument over "politics" will make people uncomfortable.
Because it is 2015, a year where the entire world is at war, divorce rates have never been higher, school shootings happen monthly and yet; there is still a government official who refuses to give out fucking marriage licenses to couples she doesn't fucking deem worthy.

I am reminded that is it 2015....and not enough has changed.

Wow thank you very much! They're too many closed minded ppl in this world and it's a breathe of fresh air to hear someone like you have such positive views on the aspect. Too many times do I see posts on Facebook or hear conversations about how disgusting and sinful dame sex relationships are. My question is always how my love for a woman be disgusting or wrong? Love is love and that's all it is. So thank because it's not easy and said to say dangerous for someone like me to hold my head up high and say I'm in love with another woman, but I do it anyways. Once again thank this post really moved me. ♡
@lizarnone Great card and well said. Love knows no boundaries.
no I think it’s so good to use your privilege for good...if that makes sense. ahhhhhhh I would’ve cried too! I cried just watching this trailer!! @LizArnone
I loved this because you came from a place where you recognized your privilege, my favorite lines was --- “getting married is as easy as a few too many tequila shots, a touch of recklessness, the Las Vagas lights and a cutie on a winning streak." and then spoke about how you can use that as a lens to see how hard it might be for homosexual couples. so good! I saw the trailer and I really want to see this movie!
@LizArnone I love this!! I agree with you wholeheartedly!
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