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ok so for some reason i wanted to make a card just for lucy and her spirits
first off i want to say lucy is brave to have a spirit like Aquarius. alto in real times of need she is there for lucy
and then with loke. hes an amazing fighter. but what lucy did to save him was insane. lucy risked her life to save his because its better to live for something or someone then to die for them. but it is ok in some situations to almost give up ur life for the people u care about.
then theres plue. hes just so adorable
and then its the rest of the gang with all their craziness.!
welp thats all for now. im going back to watching my favorite show now. take care and always remember no matter where u are fairy tail is watching over u!!
Lucy is amazing her boob shots kill me though. lol
Plue looks so adorable!!!
I absolutely love fairy trail, it's probably one of the greatest series that I've ever seen, even though I'm so far behind right now, darn my wanting to watch it only in english