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Ok so in 2nd per. my teacher asked what we did over the weekend I'm like Me: went to a concert Teacher: Was it at the Staples Center to see BIG Bang Me:uh yeah!! W..wait how did ya know?? Teacher: I was working there as a security Me: WTF REALLY!!! Teacher: Yeah...Actually 3 of the members asked if I knew a good restaurant. Me: ^0^ which members??hu hu?? Teacher: Orange hair, white hair and pinkish hair guys...whyy??? Me: OMG!! THERE GD, TAEYANG AND SEUNGRI OPPA OMGAWDD *BY NOW ALL CLASSMATES ARE IN SEAT AND ME FANGIRLING* Teacher:So that's who they were..they're chill and cool guys Me: duh they are!! :) Teacher: Something funny also happened this one girl almost fainted so we took her to the employee room *KEEPS TELLING US ABT THUS* Me: OMGAWWD SO HOW'D U LIKE'EM Teacher: there going in my book (means he's gonna listen to them) Me: daebak!! Teacher: there was also other thing in the summer K... *Me interrupts teacher* Me: KCON Teacher: Yeah I was working there too Me: Really!!! *shows us (class) pics of kcon and BB concert* Teacher: did u go to that too?? Me: uh yeah I did luckily CLASSMATES: dayum that sounds cool and looks cool Me: it was daebak *BELL RINGS SPENDED WHOLE PERIOD TALKING ABOUT THIS* LOL THIS WAS A FRKN FUN TIMEE
That's awesome I wish my teachers were like that
I'm like omgawwd I was fangirlin hard during per. 2 @JohnEvans
LOLZ @aabxo IK me too I'm like how kool is he good thing I'm taking CJ this year @SHINee808 he's one of the three teachers I like since starting high school @Cuetlatchli
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆. IM JEALOUS!!! I WANT THAT COOL OF A TEACHER!!!!!!
i got excited just reading this..the fact that GD Taeyang and Seungri asked your teacher a good place to eat!!! OMG....
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