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To the man standing in the automatic door way of my workplace, stop staring at me. To my coworking that keeps telling me knock-knock jokes, it isn't funny. They never were. To the woman that's becoming angry because I can't half price that item we just got in, there's nothing I can do, please grow a brain. To my coworker-smokers around the building, please... Just quiet down and pick up those hundreds of cigarette buds from the floor and use the ash trays I put there , I'm tired of listening to the boss yip at me about your mess... To the beautiful man that just walked by in his doctors coat from his break, thank you. Thank you for just smiling and not flirting with everything that has legs... I can still admire you. And to whoever is reading this, just please don't be an idiot today... I'm not saying you are an idiot.. No.. I'm just absolutely tired of the general population around me that is. So, slap on a proud face and go forth in the world; just, not as an imbecile. Thank you.