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are you all ready for Fallout 4 this year? can't wait to get it though, it's about to be amazing lol
@Kirito719 I'm stoked to find out. I'm probably still gonna do what I did in 3... find the deathclaws and kill one for an early level boost.
@Kirito719 yeah! plus a dog from the start who can't die and just a whole new map to explore. I can't wait honestly. I actually wrote some stuff about Fallout 4 a few months back in excitement
duuude I can't wait! this is gonna be amazing. and also life-sucking. I'll be shuttered in for hundreds of hours.
heck yea lol ^-^ i just cant wait to find some legendary stuff lol omg, imagine how the Deathclaws are like now
lol I feel ya xD best of all we can customize any territory we want and make electricity and modify Power Armor and guns better