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Hi!! #new #kpop #fan #BTS
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We'll keep you up to date on pretty much EVERYTHING kpop related, well korean anything actually. A few of us right fanfics, oneshots and imagines. There are lots of challenges run every week, which is so much fun :D @kpopandkimchi does a trivia Thursday and fomo fridays, you'll learn some new things about your favorite idols and can even send her questions for the trivia! @AimeeH is doing screenshot games, totally head over and check those out! WE LOVE NEW PEOPLE
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@Emealia thanks for the info 😁😁
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Hello!! Welcome to the Vingle Family :)
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Hello @Choclat09 Welcome to the family!
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@Chocolat09 Hello! This community is great, amazing, awesome, and outstanding. Everyone here is supportive of one another, and encourages you to be the real you. So don't be afraid to be who you really are. That's the most important factor when you're Vingling here, with the kpop community. (In my opinion at least.)
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