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Hi!! #new #kpop #fan #BTS
@Emealia is correct you will. If you need someone to talk to about anything I feel most of us would love to talk to you. And trust me this is were I get all my news and info now. So everyone here is with you when your heart breaks.
WELCOME TO THE VINGLE FAMILY Prepare for fangirl/boy moments, heartattacks and the attack of feels! I'm Emealia or Emmy, my inbox is always open! Don't be scared to shoot me a message when you wanna talk!
Hello!! Welcome to the Vingle Family :)
@Emealia thanks for the info 😁😁
We'll keep you up to date on pretty much EVERYTHING kpop related, well korean anything actually. A few of us right fanfics, oneshots and imagines. There are lots of challenges run every week, which is so much fun :D @kpopandkimchi does a trivia Thursday and fomo fridays, you'll learn some new things about your favorite idols and can even send her questions for the trivia! @AimeeH is doing screenshot games, totally head over and check those out! WE LOVE NEW PEOPLE
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